Volume Storage Needs Belfast
  Width Height Depth cm3 m3
Shoe Box 34cm 13cm 20cm 8840 0.00884

Our intention is to keep the pricing as simple and transparent as possible. We don’t want to create any shocks or queries when it comes to creating the month invoice.

Very simple price calculation!

When we create your parts on our warehouse system, the unique Stock Keeping Item (SKU) will have a certain volume. As part of the dayend routine, your system calculates the total volume we are holding on your behalf and multiplies by a daily Sterling rate. At the end of the month, the individual daily charges are added up and an invoice created.

Our Clients have full access to our website where there are both detailed and summary Excel spreadsheets detailing all stock movements and the daily end volume calculations.

We base our daily rate on standard cartons or products.