In what areas/regions does Third Party Logistics current operate?

We are based in Northern Ireland. Scotland is next on our radar.


How do formal agreements work?

Yes, we have an Agreement that we ask the Clients to agree and sign. We are not highly paid lawyers and therefore we need to keep it simple,  so that we can understand it !

The Agreement lists the obligations for both parties including Liability.

Copy available on request


What products do we handle?

It’s probably a bit too simplistic that we can handle any product but so long as they are not dangerous, massive or difficult to handle, we won’t turn them away.

A major Client manufacturers for the Automotive industry. This demands us to have rigorous controls. Although painful to implement it has taught us best practice procedures when it comes to shelf life, lot codes and traceability.  We now implement those procedures for ALL products, irrespective of the Clients end market 


What Market do we serve?

Our Clients tend to be individuals or companies that require TLC for their products. We stake our reputation on our service.

We are interested in:

  • eCommerce companies now requiring storage & distribution
  • Entrepreneurs
  • High Street downsizing
  • Overseas suppliers looking for a regional inventory holding
  • Clients looking to reduce costs but increase service levels

What we are not interested in:

  • high volume pallet storage
  • house removals


What is the minimum period?

One day.

In real terms, that’s actually one overnight.

We don’t believe in tying our Clients to long-term agreements.


Is there a charge for product shipping?

This is one area where there will be an additional charge.

We will work with the Client to see which method of delivery is best suited to them. In addition to our own in-house transport, we regularly use all the major international Couriers.

Full traceability will be shown on our Client website detailing courier used and tracking details.


Is product traceability available?

We operate a strict FIFO procedure. We can also cater for Lot Codes and Shelf life preference for selection in both storage and selection for dispatch.


Are my products insured? 

The products in our warehouse remain as ownership to the Client. From the Client’s insurance point of view, they are deemed as in-transit.

Our Insurance is purely Carrier Insurance and is only applicable to products lost or damaged after receipt. More details available on request.